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This goes in roughly chronological order. I started working at Morgan & Morgan’s agency in New York in late 2016, staying on until late 2017.

From there, I moved back home to Tampa and worked at BCI Integrated Solutions for a little over a year. I started way in over my head at BCI but quickly built up a stronger understanding of many different components of marketing.

I went from writing content and just barely scratching the surface of SEO and analytics at Morgan & Morgan to doing graphic design, marketing strategy, marketing automation, web design and development, full-site SEO, advertising, Salesforce administration, crafting overall marketing strategy, and a whole lot more at BCI.

After leaving BCI in November 2018, I took some time off to take stock of my future and spent a month traveling through Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan with a couple of my friends.

I then spent two years at Angels Senior Living as their Digital Marketing Manager and IT Administrator. We made some huge strides in technology, marketing, automation, and more. Online revenue jumped from around $300,000 to over $4 million in pipeline.

After leaving Angels Senior Living, I worked at Blue Fetch, a building materials delivery startup, as their Digital Marketing Manager and Salesforce Administrator, focusing on Salesforce implementation and automation. But as fate would have it, not everything works out. I was laid off in February 2022.

After another predictable “perfect time for a vacation” moment, I ended up at Fourth, home to the HotSchedules employee scheduling software. Here I focus on demand generation with paid campaigns, but put my web design and development, SEO, and other skills to good use improving our overall marketing efforts.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite work. When I refer to a piece’s “performance,” I’m generally discussing the number of pageviews/conversions it generated relative to comparable content for the same website.

2019-2020 Angels Senior Living Marketing Plan

  • A comprehensive guide written in a 2 a.m. fever dream played a large part in getting me hired at Angels. Here is the final copy, redacted or adjusted for privacy. If you steal this for your own marketing plan, more power to you. That’s called “research”.

Angels Senior Living Funnel Automation

  • A picture of our fully automated lead funnel.
  • Website submissions are added to a spreadsheet, which the software used queries periodically for new rows.
  • If these rows pass several filter tests (no mention of volunteering, selling supplies, etc.), they are sorted by the community they’re interested in and added to Angels Senior Living’s management software, ALIS.
  • Emails are sent (using Mailgun) to notify staff of a new lead, and then those leads are added to our email software (MailerLite, which I highly recommend) and sent to an automated email funnel.
  • A link to our educational course.
    • The state of Florida abruptly announced that assisted living communities were responsible for scheduling visits and educating visitors on COVID-19, PPE, and policies for safely visiting our communities. 

I managed a $100,000+ annual budget at Angels Senior Living on Google and Facebook Ads.

I currently manage a budget in excess of $250,000 at Fourth, focusing primarily on Google, LinkedIn, and account-based management advertising on Terminus and other platforms.

Jet Ski Safety Won’t Ruin Your Fun 

  • My first article. Not the world’s most elegant, but the first time I got paid to write. Things got better.

Naples Sand-Dumping Project Could be Ideal Way to Save Beaches

  • Another interesting one I wrote early on and kind of liked.

Pensacola Signals All Aboard for Amtrak’s Return to Business

  • As a native Floridian I loved the angle for this one. Amtrak may not have a sterling reputation but restarting the Sunset Limited, running from Los Angeles to Orlando in its prime, was an awesome topic to cover.

Morgan & Morgan Brings Home One of 2016’s Biggest Verdicts Against Papa John’s

  • A great case closed by a great attorney, Keenan Nix. A great write-up too, and one that would eventually make it (along with several others) into Morgan & Morgan’s first Verdicts magazine.

Education Through Innovation: Integrating Your Classroom Technology & Equipment

  • One of my favorite articles ever. Long, sourced, and interesting, it covered a niche I thought a lot of people would be interested in. Turns out, that wasn’t exactly the case. Some others ended up performing much better.

Your Essential Guide to Data Networks & Structured Cabling

  • My first “white paper” I guess. I thought structured cabling and data networks were absolutely fascinating. I created this pretty successful guide with the help of Tim Faust, a voice data estimator at BCI who suddenly passed away later that year. I will never forget you, my friend.

How Much Will I Have to Pay for False Alarms in Florida?

  • My magnum opus, analytically speaking. I figured there would be a lot of people looking up what false fire/burglary alarms cost by county/city, but it quickly eclipsed everything but the homepage in terms of views, and hopefully remains an organic search juggernaut.

Comparing Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

  • Starting out at Angels, I popped a nice piece of content out based on some research by myself and Blue Lynx Marketing, an excellent digital marketing agency Angels contracts with for managing ads and providing analytical insight.

Debt Counsel for Seniors & Disabled

  • A lot of stepping stones to get to this point, and a lot of help from Divi, a nice but bloated WordPress page builder. Since then I’ve moved on to Elementor, a page builder I think is even more lightweight and easy to navigate. But you can’t go wrong either way, and for jobs that don’t require a ton of customization I think a page builder is the way to go.

BCI Integrated Solutions

  • I can’t claim to have made everything on this website, but I spent an enormous amount of time working on it, including adding sliders, more elegant design, a ton of content, and also several PHP/CSS adjustments for improvements like breadcrumbs, new social icons, and more.

Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago

  • My Gasparilla Krewe’s website! This has taken a long time but it’s been very rewarding. Soon to be integrating ecommerce, internal payments, and a client portal for other organizations to submit their applications for the Knight Parade. This has become more of an enterprise resource planning job than strictly web design or content, but I’m happy to have picked up a lot of new skills along the way here.

Angels Senior Living

  • I can claim to have made almost everything on this site now, actually. Though it was redesigned a year ago, I felt the website wasn’t exactly competitive for the industry. In particular the new location pages and find a community page required a lot of HTML/CSS on my end, plus some plugins to help with programming. Currently undergoing more updates.

Taymar Home Services

  • One page site for a local repair and replace handyman in the Tampa Bay area and Pasco County. Great guy who I highly recommend for any projects you may have.

Blue-Ray Mechanical

  • I’ve been working with MARKiT, a digital marketing agency based in Michigan with several very cool industrial clients. This is one of them, an HVAC company.

Angels Senior Living Advertisement

  • My graphic design experience comes more from necessity (and, of course, making memes) than a lot of true professionals out there. I don’t pretend to know a lot of the rules about fonts and colors, and mostly ask myself two questions: Is this aesthetically pleasing? Am I proud of my work? If the answer isn’t yes to both, then it probably won’t ever see the light of day.

Angels Senior Living Postcard

  • Probably my favorite so far, and a template we’ll be using for a lot of our postcards. Playful font with a serious message, clean and understandable design, and containing all the necessary information with none of the bloat or ugliness a lot of postcards (especially in health care) are susceptible to. Thanks to Serbin Printing and their prepress team for creating some of the logo elements.

Krewe of Sant’ Yago Education Foundation Gala Advertisement

Krewe of Sant’ Yago Education Foundation Donation Request

To my former clients and employers: If you know the industry, I hope you enjoy the backlinks! If you don’t know the industry, trust me, I’m doing you a favor.

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