For reference, this goes in roughly chronological order. I started working at Morgan & Morgan’s agency in New York in late 2016, staying on until late 2017.

From there, I moved back home to Tampa and worked at BCI Integrated Solutions for a little over a year. I started way in over my head at BCI.

I went from writing content and just barely scratching the surface of SEO and analytics at Morgan & Morgan to doing graphic design, web design and development, full-site SEO, advertising, Salesforce administration, crafting overall marketing strategy, and a whole lot more. Now, I freelance websites and content when I can while working.

When I refer to a piece’s “performance,” I’m generally discussing the number of pageviews/conversions it generated relative to comparable content for the same website.

Legal Content

Jet Ski Safety Won’t Ruin Your Fun 

  • My first article. Not the world’s most elegant, but the first time I got paid to write. Things got better.

Naples Sand-Dumping Project Could be Ideal Way to Save Beaches

  • Another interesting one I wrote early on and kind of liked.

Pensacola Signals All Aboard for Amtrak’s Return to Business

  • As a native Floridian I loved the angle for this one. Amtrak may not have a sterling reputation but restarting the Sunset Limited, running from Los Angeles to Orlando in its prime, was an awesome topic to cover.

Morgan & Morgan Brings Home One of 2016’s Biggest Verdicts Against Papa John’s

  • A great case closed by a great attorney, Keenan Nix. A great write-up too, and one that would eventually make it (along with several others) into Morgan & Morgan’s first Verdicts magazine.

Technology Content

Education Through Innovation: Integrating Your Classroom Technology & Equipment

  • One of my favorite articles ever. Long, sourced, and interesting, it covered a niche I thought a lot of people would be interested in. Turns out, that wasn’t exactly the case. Some others ended up performing much better.

Your Essential Guide to Data Networks & Structured Cabling

  • My first “white paper” I guess. I thought structured cabling and data networks were absolutely fascinating. I created this pretty successful guide with the help of Tim Faust, a voice data estimator at BCI who suddenly passed away later that year. I will never forget you, my friend.

How Much Will I Have to Pay for False Alarms in Florida?

  • My magnum opus, analytically speaking. I figured there would be a lot of people looking up what false fire/burglary alarms cost by county/city, but it quickly eclipsed everything but the homepage in terms of views, and hopefully remains an organic search juggernaut.

Web Design & Development

Debt Counsel for Seniors & Disabled

  • Probably my favorite project so far, I think it turned out pretty well. A lot of stepping stones to get to this point, and a lot of help from Divi, a fantastic WordPress theme.

Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago

  • My Gasparilla Krewe’s website! This has taken a long time but it’s been very rewarding. Soon to be integrating ecommerce and client portal.

BCI Integrated Solutions

  • I can’t claim to have made everything on this website, but I spent an enormous amount of time working on it, including adding sliders, more elegant design, a ton of content, and also several PHP/CSS adjustments for improvements like breadcrumbs, new social icons, and more.

To my former clients and employers: If you know the industry, I hope you enjoy the backlinks! If you don’t know the industry, trust me, I’m doing you a favor.